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BST Infratech Ltd. v. Commr. of CGST & Excise 2020 TaxPub(EX) 1005 : Appeal allowed, CESTAT, Kolkata, Excise Appeal Nos. 77116 & 77215 of 2019/KOL, 01-Dec-2020
Director General of Goods & Service v. Bhagwati Kumar @ Murari 2020 TaxPub(EX) 1004 : Against Assessee, High Court of Patiala, Bail Matters/1045/2020, 10-Sep-2020
Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. v. CCE & CGST 2020 TaxPub(EX) 1003 : In favour of Assessee, CESTAT, Delhi, Excise Appeal Nos. 52361 & 52387 of 2019/DEL-(SM), 30-Sep-2020
Decorpac v. CCE 2020 TaxPub(EX) 1002 : In favour of Assessee, CESTAT, Delhi, Excise Appeal No. 646 of 2008/DEL, 29-Sep-2020
Aditya Steel Rolling Mills (P) Ltd. v. Commissioner of Central Tax 2020 TaxPub(EX) 966 : Appeal allowed, CESTAT, Hyderabad, Excise Appeal No. 30502 of 2019, 06-Dec-2019
Joyshree Powerol v. Union of India 2020 TaxPub(EX) 965 : High Court of Gauhati, W.P. (C) No. 2940 of 2020, 04-Aug-2020
CC v. JR Roadlines (P) Ltd. 2020 TaxPub(EX) 1029 : Appeal dismissed, CESTAT, Ahmedabad, Appeal Nos. C/13346/2014/AHD, C/11972-11973/2015/AHD, 22-Sep-2020
Commissioner of Customs v. Gimpex Ltd. 2020 TaxPub(EX) 935 : 2020 (373) E.L.T. 512 High Court of Karnataka, CSTA No. 3/2018, 11-Mar-2020
E-Connect Solutions (P) Ltd. v. CCE & CGST 2020 TaxPub(EX) 1010 : In favour of Assessee, CESTAT, Delhi, Excise Appeal No. 53458 of 2018/DEL, 14-Sep-2020
Dipak Kumar Agarwala v. Commr. of Cus. 2020 TaxPub(EX) 1043 : Appeal allowed, CESTAT, Kolkata, Customs Appeal No. 78959 of 2018/KOL, 01-Oct-2020