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13348100 2021 TaxPub(CL) 2106 (NCLT-Hyd) JBR Interio Technologies (P) Ltd. v. RBJ Technologies (P) Ltd. NCLT-Hyd, CA (CAA) No. 36/230/HDB/2021, 13-Aug-2021

13301900Sections 230 to 232 Scheme of amalgamation Consent received from equity shareholders, secured and u -- The proposed scheme of amalgamation was approved by the board of directors, equity shareholders, sec......
2021 TaxPub(CL) 1973 (NCLT-Bang) RMZ Infotech (P) Ltd. & Ors., In re In favour of Applicant, NCLT-Bang, C.A. (CAA) No. 33/BB/2021, 13-Aug-2021

13222700 2021 TaxPub(CL) 1797 (NCLT-Bang) Edreams Edusoft (P) Ltd. v. Indiavidual Learning Ltd. Application Allowed, NCLT-Bang, C.P. (CAA) No. 48/BB/2020, 13-Aug-2021

13347900 2021 TaxPub(CL) 2104 (NCLT-Kol) Gigantic Real Estate (P) Ltd. & Ors., In re Application Disposed off, NCLT-Kol, C.A. (CAA) No. 72/KB/2021, 11-Aug-2021

13298000Sections 230-232 Compromise, arrangements and amalgamation Petition for sanction of scheme of demer -- Transferor companies and Transferee company proposed scheme of amalgamation of the transferor compan......
2021 TaxPub(CL) 1961 (NCLT-Kol) Shantiniketan Shelter (P) Ltd. & Ors. v. North Bengal Promoters (P) Ltd. In favour of Petitioner, NCLT-Kol, C.P. (CAA) No. 1637/KB/2019, C.A. (CAA) No. 897/KB/2019, C.P. (CAA) No. 28/KB/2021 and C.A. (CAA) No. 897/KB/2019, 11-Aug-2021

13348200 2021 TaxPub(CL) 2107 (NCLT-Chen) Just Mobility Services (P) Ltd. v. Registrar of Companies Application Allowed, NCLT-Chen, CA No. 560/2020, 11-Aug-2021

13296600 2021 TaxPub(CL) 1952 (NCLT-Kol) Rameshwaram Laboratories (P) Ltd. v. Shivsathi Commercial Ltd. Application Allowed, NCLT-Kol, Company Petition (CAA) No. 26/KB/2021 and Company Application (CAA) No. 999/KB/2020, 10-Aug-2021

13222800Sections 230-232 Compromise, arrangements and amalgamation Petition for sanction of scheme of demer -- Demerged company and resulting company proposed scheme of arrangement of the demerged company into t......
2021 TaxPub(CL) 1798 (NCLT-Kol) Emami Realty Ltd. & Ors., In re In favour of Petitioner, NCLT-Kol, CP (CAA) No. 88/KB/2021 and CA (CAA) No. 1236/KB/2020, 10-Aug-2021

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