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Law and Procedure for Registration by charitable trusts and institutions Effective from 1-4-2021 By CA Dr. Nisha Bhandari, Senior Editor, Tax Publishers

How to file FORM CFSS, 2020 By CS Amit Baxi, Senior Editor, Tax Publishers

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Taxes levied overseas which are not eligible for relief either under section 90 or section 91 would not come within the purview of section 40(a)(ii). Accordingly, AO was directed to verify whether Sta ... Read more..

Provisions of law are required to be followed even if the tax payer does not participate in the proceedings and no assessing authority can refuse to assess the tax fairly and legally, merely because t ... Read more..

When there was no valid return available before AO as assessee neither filed original return under section 139(1) nor filed any return in response to the notice issued under section 148 within the pri ... Read more..

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When an appeal provisions has been provided under the statute, the Authorities are not allowed to recover the amount payable unless there are extenuating circumstances. Hence, the authorities has acte ... Read more..

The transaction of depositing timer by the applicant with the Government Timber depot for disposal would amount to "supply" within the meaning assigned to it under the GST Act and GST is chargeable on ... Read more..

Input tax credit of GST is allowable on the detachable 14 mm Engineered wood with Oak top wooden flooring which is movable in nature and capitalized as "furniture". ... Read more..

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