14364700 2022 TaxPub(CL) 1679 (NCLT-All) Rathi Graphic Technologies Ltd. v. Raj Kumar Rathi & Ors. NCLT-All, IA No. 31/2021 & IA No. 293/2020 in CP (IB) No. 325/ALD/2019, 13-Jun-2022

14223300 2022 TaxPub(CL) 1315 (NCLAT-Del) Berger Becker Coatings (P). Ltd. v. Committee of Creditors of Asian Colour Coated Ispat Ltd. Appeal Dismissed, NCLAT-Del, Company Appeal (AT) (Insolvency) No. 1058 of 2020, 04-Apr-2022

14250500 2022 TaxPub(CL) 1460 (NCLAT-Del) ADS Resources Ltd. v. Shilpi Cables Technologies Ltd. Appeal Dismissed, NCLAT-Del, Company Appeal (AT) (Insolvency) No. 1070 of 2020, 04-Apr-2022

14226800 2022 TaxPub(CL) 1349 (NCLT-Amar) Central Bank of India v. Nelakunditi Narahari Prasad & Ors. Application Admitted, NCLT-Amar, CP (IB) No. 11/95/AMR/2022, 01-Apr-2022

14224500 2022 TaxPub(CL) 1326 (NCLT-Ahd) Dhaval Jitendrakumar Mistry, In re Application Allowed, NCLT-Ahd, IA No. 853 of 2021 in Company Petition No. (IB)/44/(AHM)/2018, 30-Mar-2022

14227800 2022 TaxPub(CL) 1359 (NCLT-Chen) Tamilnadu Water Investment Co. Ltd. v. S. Periyapalayem Common Effluent Treatment Plant (P) Ltd. Application Dismissed, NCLT-Chen, IBA/365/2020, 29-Mar-2022

14224000 2022 TaxPub(CL) 1321 (NCLT-Del) Colliers International (India) Property Services (P) Ltd. v. Logix City Developers (P) Ltd. Moratorium Declared, NCLT-Del, IB-883/ND/2020, 22-Mar-2022

14250800 2022 TaxPub(CL) 1463 (NCLAT-Del) Ashok Kumar Juneja v. Excise & Taxation Officer of State Tax Application Disposed off, NCLAT-Del, Company Appeal (AT) (Insolvency) Nos. 550-551 of 2021, 22-Mar-2022

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