Circulars, Notifications, etc.

OTH02202Notification [F.No. 4(5)-B(W&M)/2021] - Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, 2021-22 Dated: 2021-October-21
OTH02198Press Release - Income Tax Department conducts searches on groups engaged in the business of Digital Marketing & Waste Management Dated: 2021-October-17
OTH02200Press Release - Income-tax Department's searches in NCR, Haryana & WB reveal large scale under-invoicing of imports Dated: 2021-October-16
OTH02199Press Release - Income Tax Department's searches in Maharashtra reveal unaccounted income of over Rs. 184 crore Dated: 2021-October-15
OTH02201Press Release - Over 2 crore Income Tax Returns filed on the e-Filing portal of the Income Tax Department Dated: 2021-October-14
NOT11008Notification No. 121/2021 [F.No. 300196/5/2021-ITA-I] - Section 10--Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission Dated: 2021-October-13
NOT11007Notification No. 120/2021 [F.No. 370142/47/2021-TPL] - Relaxation of Validation (section 119 of the Finance Act, 2012) Rules, 2021 Dated: 2021-October-13
OTH02197Press Release - Income Tax Department Conducts Searches in Bengaluru Dated: 2021-October-12
NOT11006Notification No. 119/2021 [F.No. 225/76/2021-ITA.II] - Section 139(1C)--Exemption from Filing of Return Dated: 2021-October-11
OTH02196Press Release - Income Tax Department conducts searches in Kanchipuram, Chennai and Vellore Dated: 2021-October-10
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